The Almighty Cloud

Cloud computing has, is and will continue to transform how companies do business globally. It is spreading through industries like a wildfire and is now being utilized by businesses in tech, private organizations, education, banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, supply chain management, and the public sector. These companies range from small startups to multinational corporations and everything in between. The cloud provides enterprises with greater availability, scalability, flexibility, performance, and security. It is even now believed that the cloud is safer than on-premises infrastructure, according to new security analysis. This means that more and more companies will continue to adopt aggressive and cost cutting cloud computing strategies over the next few years. 

According to, “By 2021, more than half of global enterprises already using cloud today will adopt an all-in cloud strategy” (Panetta 2017). This prediction exemplifies the faith that companies have in cloud computing. The fact that solutions can be customized to the environmental needs and requirements of each client and then rapidly deployed is only part of the reason why we are seeing such exponential growth. The more familiar that businesses become with the benefits of the cloud; the greater the adoption rate growth will be. 

So, what exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing utilizes a collection of services in order to process, store and manage data over the Internet. These cloud resources include networking, physical servers and storage. They are used over a network of servers instead of a single local server or personal computer. This allows the business or user to access their resources from anywhere, using any device. There are a number of different cloud solutions, including public, hybrid, private and software-defined data center (SDDC). Companies use the cloud in order to store and share data, run applications, for disaster recovery and to backup critical data. The advantages and benefits of migrating to the cloud include: 

  • Superior Performance - Less delays and faster network speed 
  • Increased Security - Critical data stays safe and secure 
  • Scalability - Server resources can be scaled up or down, according to demand 
  • High Availability - Virtual machines are always available 
  • Greater Accessibility - Access from anywhere, on any device that is connected to the Internet 
  • Cost Reduction - Eliminate the need for an on-premises data center and a team to maintain the infrastructure 

Now that you know the basics, whom can you trust as your cloud provider?

Merag Solutions develops cloud environments for businesses in Brazil and worldwide. We work with companies ranging from small startups to large corporations, offering multiple cloud solutions, including public, hybrid, private, virtual private data center (VPDC) and backup. We also offer colocation and Zimbra email services. Our solutions are framed around four fundamental principles: security, performance, availability & support and are ideal for businesses with mission critical workloads. We utilize VMware Cloud and OpenStack and protect the infrastructure with Cisco ASA firewalls; one of the most trusted and top firewalls in the world. Lastly, we offer direct and specialized level 3 support with average response times of less than 15 minutes. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that we always have their business’ best interest. 

In conclusion, adopting a cloud strategy and finding the right solution for your business will have a great impact on your company. Not only can it provide you with greater availability, scalability, flexibility and security, but it can also significantly reduce your OPEX as well. As cloud technology continues to advance and evolve, your business can reap the benefits. There are a lot of players out there, big and small, so it is essential you find a cloud provider that can you trust; one that will always have your company’s best interest in mind. It is important that they represent the same values and principals as your business because their quality and level of service, can have an effect on how your customers view you. To take the leap and join the trend, first and foremost, do your research! 

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